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SnakeSounds: 9/25 vs. Giants

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That was a lot of fun. Sweeping the Giants in front of a packed house made for an excellent final SnakePitFest, despite a certain "ace's" decision to fire a fastball at the skull of our best hitter. Yeah...purely accidental... Given Lincecum had, over his career, hit one batter every 176, pardon me if I don't believe a sudden loss of control against the MVP on the team who dethroned his team as World Series champions, in the last game they face us. And judging by the 42,000 boos when Timmeh came to bat, neither did anyone else. We were very surprised there was no action in return, but making Lincecum a 2011 loser is certainly pleasant. Here are Kirk Gibson, Josh Collmenter, J.J. Putz and team physician Dr. Michael Lee.

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