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Gameday Thread, #159: Irrelevanceapalooza #2, 9/25 vs Giants


Tim Lincecum
RHP, 13-13, 2.59


Josh Collmenter
RHP, 9-10, 3.42

Getting ready to head off down to Chase, meet up with people for SnakePitFest, take in the game and then head over to the Rose and Crown for a belated celebration of our NL West title. Should be a lot of fun. Thanks to hotclaws for stepping in to guest recap this one; it may sit on the side-bar for a little while post game, as 'charmer has a party, and all the other editors will be at the R&C or otherwise engaged. Will add the bells and whistles when I return, keep an eye in the Fanposts for the recap until then.

  1. Gerardo Parra LF
  2. Aaron Hill 2B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Miguel Montero C
  5. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  6. Geoff Blum 3B
  7. Collin Cowgill CF
  8. John McDonald SS
  9. Josh Collmenter RHP

Gibby continues to spell his regulars, now the title is in the bag. This time, Ryan Roberts and Chris Young get to enjoy the game from the bench, with Blum and Cowgill taking over. Willie Bloomquist is also replaced by John McDonald, but I'm never sure if that's normal. :-) Lincecum will be tough, but last night has shown that the team is hardly letting up now they've won. Be nice to send Timmeh out of the season with the losing record his mediocrity deserves...

We'll scoreboard watch for the Brewers, naturally, as home-field advantage is to be chased. I think it'll be a packed Chase again this afternoon, and look forward to what should be a great game to win, and...a great game, even if we lose. Whatever!