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SnakeSounds: 9/19 vs. Pirates - How Tweet It Is...

20 wins and a shave, sir?
20 wins and a shave, sir?

Was that the best evening ever at the ball-park? Certainly a contender, right up there with epic nights like SnakePitFest Gonzo Retirement Night Chris Young Walk-off Homer Palooza, and we had to extend the closet just for the T-shirt from that one... A TweetUp that was a lot of fun, discovering the Arizona Baseball Club [one of the hidden gems of Chase Field], bumping into the Kishis, Emilylovesthedbacks and BattleMoses, then watching Ian Kennedy win #20 and reduce our magic number to four. Can't beat that with a gold-plated stick.

More details on the TweetUp tomorrow, but I've got to get the recap of this one out of the way first. While I work on that, here are Kirk Gibson, Kennedy, Justin Upton [who, it appears, can hit home-runs with a toothpick and J.J. Putz, who for one night only, traded 'The Easy Button' for 'The Not Exactly Easy, But I Still Got The Job Done, Dammit Button'.

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