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Gameday Thread, #138: 9/2 vs. Giants


Joe Saunders
LHP, 9-11, 3.82


Matt Cain
RHP, 10-9, 2.87

This feels a lot more of a crunch, "must win" game than it actually is for the Diamondbacks. We lose it, and we still sit a comfortable five games ahead of the Giants, with 24 left to play, and remain firmly in the driving seat as far as the NL West is concerned. But the butterflies in my stomach don't appear to think of it this way. I haven't been as nervous about a game, probably since Game 3 of the 2007 NLDS in Wrigley Field. If Arizona can score some runs early, I might be able to eat dinner this evening.

  1. Ryan Roberts 3B
  2. Aaron Hill 2B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Miguel Montero C
  5. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  6. Chris Young CF
  7. Gerardo Parra LF
  8. John McDonald SS
  9. Joe Saunders LHP

I could do some brilliant analysis of this game, and what it means, but I think we already have a pretty good handle on this. It's certain to be an electric atmosphere at AT&T, and Saunders needs to keep things under control and not walk people. Meanwhile, the D-backs probably should be aggressive on the bases, as the Giants catcher has thrown out only 15 of 61 base-stealers. Don't give the Giants extra outs, and take advantage of the opportunities. In other words, exactly what has won them nine in a row, and brought us with one victory of a mass head-shaving session for D-backs executives. It's razor time! Let's do this! One more for St. Penelope! Brian is on the recap...