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'Pit Your Wits: Week 24


Another Thursday, another week of 'Pit Your Wits. I'm still not entirely sure if this "column" will continue into the playoffs. I'd wager not, as there should be a large amount of content, but I'll need to double check and see if there's still an open slot on Thursdays. I'd be down for ending the season at the end of the regular season if it means we'll get some playoff baseball in Arizona. Perfectly content. Anywho (I hate that word, mostly because it doesn't exist), go ahead and hit the jump. You can see the three winners of last week's reccing contest (and someone who earned a bonus point...) and check out the challenge.... as always. Gogo.

For those needing a refresher, here's a link to the image that needed to be captioned. Although it's fun to get creative, participation's much higher (and rightly so) when people can drop by and leave an answer, then check next Thursday to see how they placed among their peers. So, if it's mostly stat-based challenges from here on out, there's your justification. Regardless, we had enough recs/entries to score, so we'll move on to that. Being the corrupt leader I am, I rec'd my personal favorite among the three-rec comments so one person could receive a gold. As a result, kishi took first with "Not many people realize it But before he played for the Blue Jays, Aaron Hill always wanted to join Cirque du Soleil."; TylerO took second with "Someone tell Matt Williams that his fly is open!"; and, finally, piratedan7 took home a bronze with "Out on the basepaths! Now I'm part of the club! pick up my option!". Except the last one didn't make me chuckle, it gave me a sad, defeated look. CaptainCanuck also garnered three recs for something that wasn't really a caption, but I guess I can go ahead and dish out a point in order to please everyone. I guess. Here, of course, is the updated leaderboard:


Sorta boring, as there were no real shake-ups this week past kishi and piratedan7 edging their ways into the top ten. In the event 'Pit Your Wits doesn't make it into the postseason, this will probably be the penultimate challenge. We'll see on that, though, 'cause I haven't really brought the point up yet to the powers that be (read: Jim). Nine of you are within a gold of first place, so I encourage those included to try and hit the top (that is, enter this week). Speaking of this week, let's move on to the challenge (queue Cash Cab lights, music):
If the Diamondbacks want to make it deep into the postseason, the pitching staff is going to need to perform well. With our pitching staff in mind, name the pitcher on the starting rotation that will lead the team in each of the categories (lower is better for some, obviously): Hits, Runs, Innings Pitched, Earned Runs, Strikeouts, K/9, BB/9. Additionally, how many starting pitchers will add a victory to their total on the season over the next week?

Answers due before first pitch tomorrow, gogo. Also, it's best if you format your answer as Hits: John Doe. Runs: John Doe, etc, just so I can score everything as quickly as possible. Thanks!