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Arizona Diamondbacks 2012 Schedule: Start with the Giants

The MLB schedules for 2012 were released today, and it looks like the Diamondbacks will have a chance to make a statement in the division early. They open up home play for a three game set against the Giants. Hopefully we'll be defending Champs when it comes around, but I would imagine the Giants and the fans will be looking for revenge.

After the opening series against the Giants, the D-backs head out of a town on a West Coast roadtrip.

Interleague for 2012 has the Diamondbacks facing off against the AL West and the Royals. So all the Frenchy lovers will get another chance to scream for him. Don't forget that in 2012 the Royals host the All-Star Game, so it's like the proverbial torch is being passed off.

The season ends with a series against the Rockies on October 3rd. Surprising that they're not ramming down our throats all of the Rockies games in the being of the season. Also, weren't they going to push back the start of the season to ensure World Series' can't go into November?

Anyways, a full schedule is here. Any games at Chase Field you're looking forward to? Or if you're out of state, are the Diamondbacks coming to a park near you?