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SnakeSounds: 9/10 vs. Padres

"Miggy! Touch the ba... Oh, never mind..."
"Miggy! Touch the ba... Oh, never mind..."

Well, that was interesting... Seems like the D-backs in general, and Chris Young in particular, like to step it up on momentous occasions. Anyone recall CY hitting a home run in the ninth to seal the win when they retired Gonzo's number? I do. Much the same tonight, with the added bonus of Lyle Overbay following him immediately, to tie the game up, and then winning it with a bases-loaded walk [albeit not without a nervous minute or two while Bruce Bochy whined about Matt Holliday not touching home-plate. Or something.

Anyway: we win, Giants lose, Brewers lose. Net result: we now would have home-field advantage for the NLDS. Here are Kirk Gibson, Young and Overbay. I can only presume Miggy was too embarrassed... :-)

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