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Diamondbacks 3, Padres 2: Hudson Complete Game, Upton Blasts Another One, Recap In Haiku?

Record: 84-61 Pace: 94-68 Change on last season: +26 Magic Number: 10 Games behind Milwaukee: 0.5

The Arizona Diamondbacks and San Diego Padres traded blows tonight, Mat Latos and Daniel Hudson going toe to toe for 7 innings. In the end, another Gibson lineup decision paid off, as Lyle Overbay clutchness ended up being the deciding factor, and Huddy finished the complete game for his 16th win of the year.

First of all, a point about record. The Diamondbacks are now 23 games over .500, for the first time since the end of the 2002 season. I don't think they'll really finish 94-68, but if they did, that'd be the 3rd best franchise finish (since 100-62 in 1999 and 98-64 in 2002).

Now, on to the details of the game. Took over 'charmer's recap, and in an effort to change things up a bit, we've gone haiku form tonight:
(For a more traditional recap, SBN Arizona has a pretty good one)

Top of the 1st:

Jason Bartlett walked
But no one got on second
No runs for Padres

Bottom of the 1st:

Hill makes it twelve games
Upton and Miggy do naught
Still tied after one


The two teams combined
For four flies and a groundout
And a CYK

Top of the 3rd:

Willie B's error
Plus Will Venable's single
Give the Pads the lead

Bottom of the 3rd:

Willie B atones
Runner on 3rd with two outs
No one gets him home

Top of the 4th:

Nick Hundley singles
Frankenstein GIDP
James Darnell flies out

Bottom of the 4th:

Nothing doing here
Two strikeouts and a fly out
I hate Mat Latos

Top of the 5th:

Hudson gets all three
Types of outs against the Pads
Man this guy can pitch

Bottom of the 5th:

CY singles first
Then Huddy walks, Willie B
Ks on dropped strike three


Here's where it gets good
Both teams score in this inning
Now it's 2 to 1

Top of the 6th:

Bartlett doubles first
Maybin bunts, Guzman sac fly
Are two runs enough?

Bottom of the 6th:

Justin Upton's bomb
Makes it thirty on the year
But Lyle hits Miggy

Top of the 7th:

Frankenstein singles
Despite a passed ball he can't
Make it back to home

Bottom of the 7th:

CY leadoff whack
Parra, triple, RBI
Parra out at home

Game all tied up now
1 2 3 top of the 8th
Now in comes Chad Qualls

Bottom of the 8th:

Hill leads off with walk
Miggy singles, makes it a
Seventeen game streak

RyRo strikes out on
Ball 5 of his at bat, but
Lyle drives in the run

Top of the 9th:

3 to 2 the score
Will we see Hernandez? No!
Hudson gets it done.

SF lost tonight
So that made our number 10
10 more AZ wins



He Was Really Good: Daniel Hudson (pitching), +42.9%
They Were Also Pretty Good: Gerardo Parra, +18.1%; Lyle Overbay, +15.0%;
Chris Young, +12.4%; Miguel Montero, +12.4%

He Was Really Bad: Willie Bloomquist, -24.2%
A Haiku With Four Lines!?: Ryan Roberts, -23.0%

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