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SnakeSounds: 9/9 vs. Padres

Montero and Upton go old-school.
Montero and Upton go old-school.

I think today went about as well as could possibly be hoped. The Diamondbacks won, Daniel Hudson notched the victory with a complete game, Justin Upton hit homer #30, and Miguel Montero extended his hitting streak. Meanwhile, the Giants lost in appropriately "torturous" fashion, and the Brewers lost as well, so we're half-a-game behind them for home advantage in the NLDS [and, I think, we win the head-to-head tie-breaker if we have the same record]. I'm making a note here: huge success. After Kirk Gibson, here are the three players previously mentioned, and also Lyle Overbay, to tide you over until [insert name of recapper here] posts the recap.

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