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'Pit Your Wits: Week 22


I always save these introductions for last when writing these posts, and by the time I get here, I end up running out of ideas. It's especially bad, too, because the introduction is what needs the most "fluff", as it looks sorta lame with a massive banner and about three lines of text beneath it. It's even worse when I'm in a crunch for time, so I'll go ahead and wrap this up. This week's challenge is a wee bit simple, but you can find it after the break nonetheless. Of course, the results for last week (one of you guys nailed all six!) and the leaderboard reflecting the challenge can be found after the jump as well. That's about all the fluff I can think of. Also, go Aaron Hill. Woot. 

For those that missed it, last week's challenge pitted the second baseman of old and our second baseman of old, as Kelly Johnson and Aaron Hill statted-off over the course of six or so games. Aaron ended up taking more categories than Kelly, but most importantly, he had less strikeouts. Just wanted to get that out there for you, Mr. Towers. Anyway, Kelly Johnson took Runs (6-3), hom- actually, no, that's all Kelly took. Aaron Hill took Hits (11-8), RBI's (6-3), and Strikeouts (5-7). This, of course, means that the two tied in both stolen bases and home runs, with both nabbing a total of zero swipes and one homer each. So now we turn to last week's submissions: who had the most correct? Taking bronze are Dallas D'Back Fan, Dan Strittmatter, DeDxDbacKxJroK, Sprankton, Swag11, and Bcawz with three correct answers. The sole silver goes to the season one champion, Baja F1. Then, I guess kishi used wizardry or something, 'cause he managed to guess all six correct. The "correct" answer this week, by the way, would be Hill / KJ / Tie / Hill / Tie / Hill

standings page

Kishi's gold moves him up a fair bit, as he hangs now with the seven-pointers. No real shakeups at the highest of levels, though, as blank_38 still sits atop the throne Swag11, Baja F1, and Sprankton all benefited from last week's contest, as they all stare up just three points from the top spot. With just a few weeks left, it'll be interesting to see who takes control and if any sorta dark horse will appear and start winning all the contests. Ok, so there's a lot of luck involved and it'd be difficult to sustain success, but please don't ruin my narrative. Thanks. As for this week's challenge... with school starting this week, I'm still trying to get stabilized. Because I have a massive essay due next Friday, I'm going to keep this week's challenge nice and simple so I can get next week's post up real quick and get back to work. Sorry if it's a bit of a letdown, but... yeah. Just this week.

So, basically, the Diamondbacks are awesome. At the time of writing, we sit in first place in the NL West, with the world champion San Francisco Giants staring up at us six games back. LOLPRESEASONPREDICTIONS. What will our record be over the next week (three @ SF, three @ COL)?

Those who get the record correct get two bonus points, those who do not... don't. Answers due before first pitch tomorrow, which is around 7:15 MST.