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SnakeBytes 9/1: Getting Close Edition

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Be honest, people. If I had told you, a year ago, "Don't worry- we'll go out, sign Armando Galarraga and Melvin Mora over the off-season, and we'll be up six games on the first of September," you wouldn't have laughed. You wouldn't have told me I was wrong. No, you probably would have backed away slowly, wondering if I was on drugs, or if I'd just had a complete psychotic break.

And that would have been fair. But here we are.


Also, Derrick Hall and Kevin Towers aren't the only people putting their hair on the line for a win. AZDBACKR says that Grace's sign after the race said he (and Sutton) will shave their heads if Mark's racer wins. Well, Mark, it's not like you've got so much to give there. And did you clear it with Daron first?

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