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SnakePitFest 4.3: Sunday, September 25th vs Giants

TICKET SALES NOW CLOSED! It's also going to be Star Wars Day at Chase Field: whether that's an incentive or not, may depend on you... Could it be the day we clinch the West? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, should be pretty mammoth. Here's the details:

By popular demand, we're going to try and add another SnakePitFest over the final weekend of the season, when we face the Giants. A few changes from previous fests:
1) It's Sunday not Saturday
2) We'll be in the left-field bleachers, rather than the bullpen area - couldn't get tickets there at this short notice.
3) Total cost will be $16 per ticket: there's not much discount, especially given it's the final weekend!
4) At the moment, there are a total of only 20 tickets available. Might be more, but didn't want to overstock, again, based on the short notice. First come, first served...

Click the button below to buy. Hopefully, we'll have easily clinched the title by that point, and we can enjoy a nice, relaxing game where the result really doesn't matter much!