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SnakeSounds 8/31 vs. Rockies

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Rockies will win NL West

Not only have the Rockies survived despite tremendous struggles from key players, but they actually own baseball's best record, having won 16 of their first 23 contests. In fact, their early season success has given them a 4½-game lead over both the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers. It's not even May, but the National League West race is shaping up to be fairly boring.
   -- Dave Cemeron

Ladies and gentlemen, your "2011 NL West champion" LOLorado Rockies. The ones we just swept, have beaten 11 times in 15 this year, and who are now nine games below .500. Admittedly, Cameron was right: the NL West race is "shaping up to be fairly boring", for as long as we keep extending this winning streak - now the best by the team for more than eight years. Kirk Gibson, Josh Collmenter, Miguel Montero and Sean Burroughs (a.k.a. "the offense") take us through this one.

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