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SnakeSounds: 8/5 vs. Dodgers

I don't know. I don't know why you guys asked me that. We just got done playing a game. He didn't throw the ball well. Went 2 1/3 innings. You guys think we sit and talk about that stuff during the game? We're trying to win the game.
-- Kirk Gibson, asked about whether Collmenter's spot in the rotation is under threat
Well, apart from that one inning, we won this game 4-1. Woo-hoo! If only baseball was like diving, with the highest and lowest scores discarded. Dear Bud... But, hey: ALTGL. After two horrible outings in a row, could this be Josh Collmenter's last start? [prods Dan S with a pointy stick... :-)] Here are Kirk Gibson, Josh Collmenter, Micah Owings and Willie Bloomquist with their thoughts.

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