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'Pit Your Wits: Week 18


Back from my lovely vacation from Anaheim, I had to go back and check last week's 'PYW and see all of the entries just before writing up this post. You guys are all pretty creative, which I'm certainly a fan of - I also assume others enjoy the wit as well. Anyway, see the leaderboard, blah blah, new challenge, last week's winners, blah, after the jump. Standard. I must say, this whole "screenshot the Google Docs leaderboard" thing certainly makes life easier. 'Cause life is oh-so-hard. But, yeah, hit the jump.

First place this week goes to a newcomer (this season, at least), as Sprankton took home a gold with the following caption for last week's photo:

It took Collin Cowgill
Three years and 360 games to get to the big leagues... It only took him one day and one game to screw up a chest bump.

Counsellmember and njjohn took home silvers, with the following submissions, respectively:

Le-vi-oh-SA, beeatch!

Well, whadyaknow?
If tie enough balloons to your belt you really can float. 
Which way to Paradise Falls, boys?

Four people took bronzes, and for the sake of brevity, I'll just credit them by name: Brian MacKinney, since_98, Nonpartisan, and imstillhungry95 all got a point for their two-rec entries.


I forget the names now (I'm a terrible admin apparently), but I credited a gold for the 'PYW two weeks prior to two different people who'd nailed all five of the questions. Dunno how I glossed over them. I'm guessing the whole "write these at 2am" thing isn't as foolproof as I thought. Anyway, blank_38 now has sole possession of first (déjà vu) with just a few others tailing behind by just a tad. Now, this week's challenge:

ZOMGOLDSCHMIDT! Because Paul Goldschmidt is, like, totally awesome, I only feel it unfair to not celebrate his arrival with some sorta stat-based contest revolving around him. So, this week's challenge is to answer the following: what will Paul Goldschmidt's OPS look like over the next seven days?

Entries accepted up until first pitch on Friday. Also, thanks for the reccing last week, y'all.