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SnakeSounds: 8/30 vs. Rockies

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Eight victories for the Diamondbacks in a row, since we invoked the aid of St. Penelope of the Cross to end the losing streak - already, one more than the ponies managed. :-) A marvelous time at Chase tonight, with shoewizard plus TAP and Stu from DBBP, so thanks to them. The B-lineup confounded early predictions of limited offense, and even though our pitchers conceded - OMG! - more than two runs for the first time in a week, this was basically in control from the moment Gerardo Parra's hit skipped past the Rockies outfield. The Tool made the final out and went 0-for-5, capping a near-perfect evening. Oh, and got namechecked in the McC GDT. My life is complete...

Here are Kirk Gibson, Wade Miley, Justin Upton, Miguel Montero and Collin Cowgill. Six games up, 26 left. Just keep winning.

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