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SnakeSounds: 8/2 vs. Giants

Level complete
Level complete
Any time you get a hit or have a good AB, it's going to help you confidence. I had a good first AB, even though I popped up, and I was able to get a pitch to drive the second one. Everyone did great, J-Up got that big home run and Hudson pitched amazing, so it was nice to get the W tonight... It's awesome to get that win. It's the most important thing. We've got a lot more games to go this season, so we'll just try to keep going.
-- Paul Goldschmidt
  1. Avoid the sweep
  2. Take the series
  3. Sweep
  4. Profit.

I'll confess. I wasn't expecting much tonight, especially after we went behind and Lincecum was no-hitting us. But the tenacity and late offense of Arizona prevailed in the end, for a marvelous victory. Operation Giant Killer continues to proceed on or ahead of schedule. Here's Kirk Gibson, Daniel Hudson, and some guy called Paul something. Dunno what he's doing here. :-)

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