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'Pit Your Wits: Week 21


With school fast approaching, I fear this is the last 'Pit Your Wits for some time that will be able to be written at 5AM. Well, the only one I can write at five that comes right before sleep. I'll figure out some way to do it during one of my classes at school, 'cause if there's anything I can do in life, it's procrastinate like a true champion. Anyway, I can't put off actually writing this post much longer, so I suppose it's high time to move onto tabulating scores and such. Hit the jump to see the results for last week's Trevor Bauer challenge, the standings, and the next challenge. Then, I can sleep. Gogo.

For those that missed last week's post or forgot the specifics, I asked everyone to predict what Trevor Bauer's line would look like after exiting his second start. I only awarded points for exact answers; a strikeout guess ten off received the same zero points as one that narrowly missed guessing it exactly. Trevor finished with 5IP, 3H, 3ER, 3BB, 8K, 1HR, and 0HBP. The HBP's were basically thrown in there so no one  tallied zero points, so it was successful in that regard. We had a few people guess four of the six correct, and to those go golds: emilylovesthedbacks, frienetic, and CaptainCanuck will get those three points. Two points will go to dbacks4life, porty99, Nonpartisan, Swag11, and Jdub220, as the five all correctly guessed three of the six correctly. Finally, six guessed two of the six correctly; the recipients of a single point are njjohn, BulldogsNotZags, kishi, imstillhungry1995, DeDxDbacKxJroK, and blank_38. That being said, let's take a gander at the leaderboard. Oh, by the way, apparently there exists both a "dback4life" and a "dbacks4life". To you two, I think I adjusted the points correctly. Let me know if I messed it up.


There's a semi-significant change at the top, as Swag11 no longer has eight points for no reason. I'm not sure how that happened, either. I probably messed something up with Google Docs. If you actually do deserve those eight points, let me know, plx.  Blank still owns first place, while Bulldogs now has second all to himself. I'm glad that the leaderboard's beginning to separate a bit. Helps make things more interesting. You'll note last season's winner is sitting in twelfth, so we'll see if he can make up that five point deficit. Now we move to this week's challenge. Quick, Wailord, think of something that's relatively relevant to current Diamondbacks happenings! Wait, what? A trade you say?! Oh, alright. Yeah, feed the pessimism if possible.

Unfortunately,  Sadly, So, Kevin Towers decided to talk to Alex Anthopoulos. He apparently wanted a 36-year-old infielder and ended up giving Kelly Johnson to Toronto. Oh, and we got Aaron Hill.

So, I want you to pick which player will have the superior number for the following stats between Kelly Johnson and Aaron Hill: Hits, Runs, Stolen Bases, Runs Batted In, Home Runs, and Strikeouts (who'll have less?).

Like last week, it's all about how many of the stats you guess correctly. For each one you get a point, and the top three point-getters get themselves medals accordingly. Submissions due before first pitch tomorrow.