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'Pit Your Wits: Week 20


Hey, look, a vaguely significant number in the title. This calls for some sort of celebration or something. Or, I can say without permission that SPF4.2 was preemptively celebrating this occasion. I'll go with the latter. Anywho, a lot of points to be had for everyone this week, which is nice for the leaderboard. It's best when there aren't five thousand people with identical scores. Actually, I'm writing this intro before actually scoring it (thanks to BattleMoses for assisting with the scoring, by the way), so there may very well be five thousand with the same score. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Leaderboard, etc, challenge, all that jazz where you'd expect it.

So, last week's challenge revolved around SPF4.2 and the happenings of the game. Just to recap, the Diamondbacks beat the MEts, Daniel Hudson (100) threw more pitches than Mike Pelfrey (50), the Diamondbacks (1) stole more bases than the Mets (0), the Diamondbacks led off the first with a groundout (LOLquist), Paul Goldschmidt struck out "more than once", David Hernandez did not make an appearance (?!), the Diamondbacks did hit a homer (Ryan Roberts), and the Mets did not hit a homer. That's a whole lotta bold, folks. Because I don't wanna take up so much vertical space, I'll list the names, in order, of those who entered alongside the scores they received. Remember, each correct answer was worth a half-point in the bonus column on the standings, so odds are that anyone who entered gained some pointage. The breakdown looked like this: Justin1985 (3.5-->4), Swag11 (3.5-->4), Kishi (3.5-->4), Frenetic (3.5-->4), Jdub220 (3), porty99 (3), BulldogsNotZags (3), since_98 (3), Baja F1 (3), Torpedosneak (2.5-->3), blank_38 (2.5-->3), CaptainCanuck (2.5-->3), Clefo (2.5-->3), Sprankton (2.5-->3), Brian MacKinney (2.5-->3), DeDxDbacKxJroK (2.5-->3), piratedan7 (2.5-->3), Dallas D'Back Fan (2.5-->3), emilylovesthedbacks (2), Rockstarr12 (2), njjohn (2), dback4life (2)
imstillhungry95 (2) , Bcawz (1.5-->2) , and SenSurround (1).

So, there's that. Here's what the standings look like after adjusting everyone's bonuses on the season:


So, I suppose there was some diversification done. Either way, it's clear you were rewarded for participating last week. I was surprised so many people got these right - granted, I actually meant for people to guess on the tallies of some things (like home runs and such), but I didn't remember until I woke up and the post was already front-paged. Whatevs. blank still reigns supreme. Oh, and BattleMoses got an extra point for being awesome and allowing my body extra sleep. I'll edit that in next week. And, of course, this week's challenge for the now-ironically-named 'Pit Your Wits, as my inability to be creative continues to flaunt itself:

You guys know who's awesome?

Trevo Bauer is. In his upcoming start for the AA Mobile BayBears, guess what number he'll tally for each of the following stats. You'll get one point for each correct guess, and the top-three placing entries (point-wise) will earn points accordingly (3/2/1). Anyway, guess the number that'll be attached to the following stats: IP, H, ER, BB, K, HR, and HBP.

From what I can tell, Bauer will make his next start on Saturday, August 20th against the Jacksonville Suns. If that's wrong, lemme know in the comments and I'll edit the post when I wake up. Otherwise, plan on the game being then, meaning answers are due before first pitch that night.