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SnakeSounds: 8/16 vs. Phillies

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All told, the D-backs have six blown saves in games they lost: the only team better at avoiding those defeats are the Phillies, with three. So, looks like both sides should try to avoid the need to try and come back late in Philadelphia. Whoever leads after five during this upcoming series will probably win.
  -- some idiot
Man, that was insane. I though we didn't have a chance, after we went behind 2-1. Watching Halladay pitch was a real treat: that, ladies and gentlemen, is what an undisputed ace looks like. Can't wait till we have one like that. But, somehow, Arizona tagged him with the L, thanks to three RBI from... Lyle Overbay? And with the Giants losing too, it was a great day all around for us. Here are St. Kirk of Gibson, Josh Collmenter, Overbay of course, and newest D-back Wade Miley.

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