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SnakePitFest v4.2: This Time, We Win!

The paramilitary wing of AZ SnakePit prepares to go into action.
The paramilitary wing of AZ SnakePit prepares to go into action.

Thanks, as ever, to everyone who came out for the second SnakePitFest of the season. As ever, a tremendous time was had, capped off by a fifth consecutive win for the Diamondbacks, that sent the masses home happy. Particular greetings to those attending their first SnakePitFest (whether they sat with us or not!): AZDBACKR, Clefo, marionette, Rockkstarr12 and Wailord. Hope they enjoyed the insanity and will be up for another one down the road. Speaking of which, there seems definite interest in trying to get something organized for the last weekend of the regular season against the Giants. I'll look into that next week.

After the jump, random thoughts from the day.

  • Met up at Coach and Willies. They pretty much laughed when we said "Table for 15, please", so we ended up outside. However, they had, at least, covered it in a marquee and had got the misters and fans going full bore, so it was not too unpleasant. That said, the food seemed to be considered fairly "meh," so open to alternative suggestions for next time.
  • Handed out an ocelot of SnakePit T-shirts. For a second, I had horrible nightmares about some over-zealous security guard stopping us on the way in, thinking them to be some kind of commercial promotion, but we avoided that fate. Dammit. I was looking forward to videoing that argument, and seeing it go viral on Youtube...
  • But there's definitely something epic about seeing so many people wearing the same shirt. Wailord's logo looks cool on its own, but when there are 15 of them in two rows... There may have to be a second-printing of those at some point.
  • After a good start, the natives were more than a little restless as the Mets scored four unanswered runs to take the lead. Molotov cocktails were being made out of Pepsi bottles, that kind of thing. But RyRo's home-run restored our good humor, and there were few bumps in the road the rest of the way.
  • Mets right-fielder Jason Bay was heckled, but there's no doubt that the bulk of our vitriol was reserved for those who opted to start the wave. Admittedly, the bulk of the sheeple succumbed, but it was notably weaker in our section, as we heaped scorn on participants.
  • I also enjoyed Mrs. SnakePit's ruthless search-and-destroy mission on the vendor who gave her a bottle of regular Pepsi rather than Pepsi Max.Hell hath no fury...
  • The "MVP! MVP!" chants for Upton were fun too, as was the slap fight between myself and 'Skins, after our high-five effort went horribly awry...
  • As was the SnakePit sign glimpsed on the Jumbotron. Reading the Gameday Thread, it appears said sign was originally an AZDBACKR production, but I wasn't sure if its screening was before or after its transfer to asteroid. We appreciate the brave sacrifice of solvent-riddled brain cells that apparently went into its manufacture. :-)
  • There's probably other stuff I missed entirely, but I'm sure people will fill it in. Thanks again to everyone who showed up. We love you guys (and gals!).