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Gameday Thread, #120: 8/13 vs. Mets


Mike Pelfrey
RHP, 6-9, 4.53


Daniel Hudson
RHP, 11-8, 3.83

SnakePitFest v4.2 is in effect this afternoon, so that means about 25 of us will be at Chase Field, to take in the action and riot if we don't win cheer on the team from behind the bullpen. With two games in hand, it's nice to have a bit of breathing space, and realize that, no matter what happens, we'll still go to bed tonight, in sole possession of first-place. Naturally, it would be nice to extend the lead, and we trust the Florida Marlins will co-operate with us in this goal. That game gets under way about an hour ahead of hours, so there'll be plenty of scope for scoreboard watching this evening!

At this point [just after 2pm], I haven't seen a line-up. Getting ready to leave here in about 20 minutes and head downtown to distribute T-shirts to the assembling masses at C&W's, before heading to the ball-park. No idea for now if new signing Lyle Overbay will be in the line-up, though we're probably hoping to see Goldschmidt happen tonight. Hudson has been a little variable over the past few outings, but is still more good than bad, and should give us the pitching edge over Pelfrey. I'm wanting to see a nice, easy blow-out that provides a low-stress, high-entertainment game for the 'Pitters to enjoy.