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Gameday Thread, #119: 8/12 vs. Mets


Dillon Gee
RHP, 10-3, 3.93


Ian Kennedy
RHP, 14-3, 3.20

The Mets come to town and the D-backs will look to extend their lead at the top of the NL West this weekend, before heading off on a road-trip to take on the best the NL East has to offer (and Washington). The Mets certainly have a considerably better record than the Astros, and even though they'll be without Jose Reyes, don't expect them to be a pushover. That said, Arizona needs to be looking for two of three, and this contest should be among the victories

  1. Ryan Roberts 2B
  2. Gerardo Parra LF
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Miguel Montero C
  5. Chris Young CF
  6. Xavier Nady 1B
  7. Sean Burroughs 3B
  8. Cody Ransom SS
  9. Ian Kennedy RHP

Time is against me, so I'll keep this brief. Giants are three outs from going down in Florida - if they do, it'll be a great chance for us to double the lead. Given the events of the past couple of games, I feel justified in continuing the picture moratorium until we lose. And I notice "certain people" have been fraternizing with the enemy:

You guys are by far the most hilarious blog on SB nation. You’re the Woody Allen of baseball fans.By which, I presume they mean MCC are has-beens, well past their prime, who like to have sex with their daughters... </molotov'd>