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'Pit Your Wits: Week 19


I guess the whole promptness deal with writing this column the day before is out, as it's approaching 7AM, I'm still up, and as I was about to fall sleep for the "day" (?)  I remembered that there's a contest to be ran. Whoops. Anyway, all that matters is that I'll get this posted today, so you guys can all see this week's challenge, the relatively saddening results of last week's, and of course, an up-to-date leaderboard. See you guys there, post-jump.

So, for those that weren't aware, last week's contest involved predicting what Paul Goldschmidt's OPS would look like over the course of the week following. We're clearly an optimistic group (can't fault anyone there), so... the winner was about 200 points off. That's cool, though. We can just label piratedan7 a pessimist, with a guess (a first-place one, at that) of .655. The next lowest guess was Nonpartisan's .679, so that's good for second, while since_98 will take a third with a guess of .730. I refuse to say anything negative about Paul Goldschmidt, so, rapidly moving on....



Not a whole lot to take away from this week's results, as the top of the 'board still looks identical to last week's. It is interesting, though, that all three of the players that placed this week took a share of third place. Fascinating. Also, since_98's managed to take three bronzes en route to his third place, clearly exemplifying the importance of commitment and perseverance. Or something. Moving on. I like to keep the challenges relevant to the current happenings, but I wanted to find a way to mix things up.  I'm fairly limited when making one of these revolve around one game, so I'll do my best...

This Saturday is SnakePitFest 4.2! You'll get a half-point (I'll round up...) for each of the following you guess correctly (all referring to Saturday's game vs. NYM):

A) Which team will win? 

B) Which team's starter will throw more total pitches?

C) Which team will have more stolen bases?

D) Will the Diamondbacks lead off the bottom of the first with a hit?

E) Will Paul Goldschmidt strike out more than once?

F) Will David Hernandez make an appearance?

G) Will the Diamondbacks hit a home run?

H) Will the Mets hit a home run?

Entries accepted up until first pitch on Saturday. These will all go under the bonus column, as I anticipate a lot of points for everyone. And you get a point! And you get a point!