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Gameday Thread, #89: 7/7 vs. Cardinals


Joe Saunders
LHP, 5-7, 4.04


Kyle McClellan
RHP, 6-5, 4.27

The Brewers dispatched, we move on through the NL Central to take on the Cardinals, who have got their unstoppable force, Albert Pujols, back off the DL just in time for our visit. That's nice. I'm hoping for a split of the four games, which would give us a pretty good 4-3 record to take the D-backs into the All-Star break. Saunders has been great of late: in the past 28 days, his ERA of 3.44 is close to Hudson (3.18) and better than Kennedy (4.29). Here's to his solid form continuing against a potent St. Louis line-up - though the weather might have something to say about that...

  1. Ryan Roberts 2b .250
  2. Stephen Drew ss .262
  3. Justin Upton rf .295
  4. Chris Young cf .255
  5. Miguel Montero c .275
  6. Xavier Nady 1b .253
  7. Sean Burroughs 3b .306
  8. Gerardo Parra lf .288
  9. Joe Saunders p .192

Yep, you read that right. Burroughs has the highest batting average of anyone on the roster. Suck it, haters. Of course, he still has shown no plate discipline or power [zero walks and one extra-base hit in 27 games], but his OPS+ of 75 is well above Mora and up there in the Bloomquist (77) and Nady (78) territory. Warming, slightly... Which is more than it is in St. Louis, where the tarp is currently on, and the rain coming down - first pitch looks very likely to be delayed, and there is some suggestion there may not be manage to be a game at all today. Stay tuned in the comments for more info.