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'Pit Your Wits: Week 14 (All-Star Edition, Part One)


'Sup, everyone? Fitting with the theme for the rest of SBN, this week's 'PYW will be All-Star themed, as will next week's. But, before I get ahead of myself, let's first take a gander at last week's winning caption for Wily Mo Pena and the updated leaderboard. Time's running out, so if you think that you're in contention, be sure to check out the Google Docs link further down in the post and play out the strategies in your head ('PYW: srs bsns). Anyway, yeah, I hope you participate this week. It'll make the Home Run Derby more entertaining anyhow. Oops, spoiler alert.

There were quite a few winners last week, so I'll just show you guys who took first place. Everyone with one rec took a bronze,everyone with two took a silver, and Backin'the'Backs took the only gold with his three-rec'd caption for this picture

Wily Mo's Pimp Hand is way strong.

by Backin'the'Backs on Jun 30, 2011 9:38 PM PDT

Judging from his power-heavy performance thus far, I'd say just about everything about him is "way strong."

# Total Points
1 TylerO 2 2 0 10
2 dback4life 2 1 1 9
- Baja F1 2 1 1 9
4 Two tied - - - 8
6 Two tied - - - 7
8 Two tied - - - 6
10  jonny-yuma  0 2 1 5
11 Five tied - - - 4
16 Eight tied - - - 3
24 Eleven tied - - - 2
34 Eight tied - - - 1

TylerO still has first place all to himself, but both dback4life and Baja were helped out by placing this week. We only have this week's contest and next before I kill the leaderboard and declare the end of the "season", so there are a few people that are still within shouting distance of a top-three finish (fifteen such people, actually). As always, a full leaderboard is still stored deep within the depth of the Internets (Google Docs link here). Now, onto this week's contest...

Next Monday is not simply "the day before Phoenix hosts its first-ever MLB All-Star Game", but also the 2011 Home Run Derby. The field is as follows: Jose Bautista (TOR, 28), David Ortiz (BOS, 17), Prince Fielder (MIL, 22), Matt Holliday (STL, 13), Adrian Gonzalez (BOS, 16), Matt Kemp (LAD, 22), Robinson Cano (NYY, 14), and Rickie Weeks (MIL, 15), listed in order of their odds of winning the event with their team and home runs this season. A) Which four players will make the second round, b) which two players make the final round [pick two] , and c) how many home runs will the final two players hit in the final round?

Entries will be accepted up until the first pitch is thrown on Monday. You'll get 15 points for each second-round guess that you get correct as well as 15 additional points for each of the final two you guess correctly. You'll get one point deducted for every home run you're off in the final round (max 8). To simplify this, if you guess that Bautista makes it into the first and final round (and he does), you'll have 30 points from him. If you guess he hits 20 bombs in the final round and he hits 15, you'll lose five points, giving you 25 from Jose. I'll try to clear up any confusion in the comments.