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Gameday Thread, #85: 7/3 vs. A's


Ian Kennedy
RHP, 8-2, 3.01


Gio Gonzalez
LHP, 7-5, 2.38

What with all the excitement and chit-chat this morning, quite forgot that there's a game on, so this'll be a brief intro. Expect Ian Kennedy to be pitching with a good deal of disgruntledness [is that a word? It is now...], following his All-Star Game snub - and there's no other word for it. Meanwhile we are facing an opposing starter who sounds like he is actually a third-rate import car - "0% financing on the new Gio Gonzalez..." - so, not trouble there. Giants have just fallen behind in Detroit, so let's hope that keeps up.

  1. Willie Bloomquist lf .261
  2. Kelly Johnson 2b .215
  3. Justin Upton rf .297
  4. Chris Young cf .261
  5. Stephen Drew ss .266
  6. Wily Mo Pena dh .206
  7. Xavier Nady 1b .253
  8. Ryan Roberts 3b .251
  9. Henry Blanco c .212
    + Daniel Hudson rhp