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SnakeSounds: 7/2 vs. Oakland

Better command of his pitches. Sharper, more movement, more life - just locating better. Breaking ball is certainly better: earlier in the year, he was a fastball/change-up guy. Now, he's got his breaking ball, and certainly, when it gets later in the game, he's able to use that very effectively.
-- Kirk Gibson, on Joe Saunders' recent improvement.

Saunders continues to impress, taking a shutout into the seventh - and might have ended with one, if Yhency Brazoban hadn't lost his grip, literally and figuratively. I might not be averse to seeing Saunders in 2012, which is a radical change from the "Oh, no, it's Joe" thoughts of April. A much-needed win, and so if we want to win the series, we turn tomorrow to Zach Du... Never mind. Here's Gibson, Saunders and Chris 'triple shy of the cycle' Young.

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