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SnakeSounds: 7/26 vs. Padres

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Efficieny-wise, it was really good. I got some early-pitch outs; got some second-pitch outs too, which was huge for my pitch count. The defense was awesome behind me tonight; Miggy was doing his thing behind the plate, so hats off to him. The guys came up with some big, clutch hits for us too, so it was one of those all-around good nights.
-- Joe Saunders

That went about as well as could be expected. The Diamondbacks have outscored the opposition 25-4 over the past three games: it's only the second time since April 2004, that the team has won back-to-back-to-back contests by margins of five or more [they also did it Aug. 27-29, 2009 against the Giants and Astros, winning 11-0, 14-7 and 9-0].It has probably been the best trio of performances I've seen from Arizona in a long time, and good to see Phase A of Operation Giant Killer executed with, execution. Here are Kirk Gibson, Saunders, and Justin Upton after today's game, as well as Kevin Towers from before it.

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