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Gameday Thread, #103: 7/26 vs. Padres


Joe Saunders
LHP, 6-8, 3.82


Dustin Moseley
RHP, 3-9, 3.19

The Giants are on the verge of losing in Philadelphia, which kicks the Diamondbacks' master-plan into action. I'm a little vague on the details, but I think it involves going 9-0 on this road series. Hey, aim big, I always say. But now would seem to be the perfect time for Arizona to make their push, closing the gap on San Francisco over the rest of this week, and go into the Panda's lair next Monday, within striking distance. Thereby goes the theory, at least, but the team has been boosted by the return of closer J.J. Putz and the arrival of outfielder Collin Cowgill to replace Geoff Blum. I think the team just got appreciably better.

I'm tasting blood. Maybe Mrs. SnakePit should have cooked that pork-loin a bit longer. Or maybe, just maybe, this is where the 2011 Diamondbacks go to war. Let's do this thing.

  1. Willie Bloomquist SS
  2. Kelly Johnson 2B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Chris Young CF
  5. Miguel Montero C
  6. Ryan Roberts 3B
  7. Brandon Allen 1B
  8. Collin Cowgill LF
  9. Joe Saunders P

And Cowgill wastes no time, being dropped right in there to play left (if you see what I mean), Gerardo Parra's arm still presumably giving him trouble. It'll be Cowgill's debut, so he's not exactly getting to sit on the bench and scope things out for a bit before going into action. And it's confirmed: the Giants have lost, so time for the Diamondbacks to take care of their own business.