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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 16

First full week of the second half, and a change at the top. Here are the quick results: details, standings and upcoming games after the jump.

AZ SnakePit 7, Lady Gaga Regatta 2
Alabama Slammers 5, Blonde Streaks 5
The Fighting Amish 9, Los Wailoracles 0
Ignatius J. Rallies 6, Phoenix Platypi 4
Mizzoula Osprey 7, Lil Bitches 2
Bad Wolf 7, warlords 3
Sofa King Juiced 8, Whooping Zoidbergs 2

AZ SnakePit 7, Lady Gaga Regatta 2
'Pit were helped by benching Cahill (10 ER in 2 IP), but it was the sweep of hitting that proved decisive: Peralta had two HR and drove in nine, with McCann and Swisher also having two HR weeks. On the mound, Kershaw had a W and 12 strikeouts for AZ; Street saved two games for Lady.

Alabama Slammers 5, Blonde Streaks 5
Slammers remain undefeated, but were pushed very close by Blonde; just one less HR, and Alabama would have lost, so Lind's two for them were crucial. Jones had three HR for Blonde, who had a 0.93 WHIP, with Pitcher of the Week Bumgarner (two W, 15 K). Billingsley fanned 14 for Alabama.

The Fighting Amish 9, Los Wailoracles 0
The Amish came within one Save of a whitewash, but surged into a playoff spot, piling up 63 K's to go with a 1.86 ERA. Colon had a W and 13 strikeouts. On offense, they got three HR from Uggla, while Los's best performances came from Tulowitzki, who homered twice and drove in seven runs.

Ignatius J. Rallies 6, Phoenix Platypi 4
Rallies batted a collective .307, and that proved important, as Platypi were otherwise better at the plate, behind Gonzalez, who had two HR and six Runs before hitting the DL. Stanton had seven R and two HR for Ignatius, who also took pitching, getting a Win and 17 strikeouts from Jimenez.

Mizzoula Osprey 7, Lil Bitches 2
The Osprey took over at the top, with their ninth win: they've outscored the opposition 60-18 over that time. They got four homers from Braun, who also drove in six, and three more HR by Rollins; Sanchez had three HR for Lil, who got two W from Vogelsong. Capuano fanned 11 for Mizzoula.

Bad Wolf 7, warlords 3
Wolf swept hitting with the week's best ERA, 1.59, despite an economy of effort - two pitchers didn't play - Weaver's scoreless W, with six K, was their ace on the mound. war came back at the plate, with Cruz (nine RBI) and Utley (two HR, eight RBI), but Montero (six R, eight RBI) helped Bad hold them off.

Sofa King Juiced 8, Whooping Zoidbergs 2
Sofa had their best week of the year to date, with Ellsbury (nine R, three HR, seven RBI, .462 BA) taking Hitter of the Week honors. They also got three Saves from Kimbrel, while Garza fanned 14. The Zoidbergs enjoyed Upton's week, as he homered twice, driving in 11, but otherwise came up short.


Rank   Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Week Waiver Moves
1.   Mizzoula Osprey 110-46-4 .700 - 7-2-1 7 26
2.   Alabama Slammers 106-44-10 .694 1 5-5-0 10 26
3.   AZ SnakePit 92-59-9 .603 15.5 7-2-1 3 9
4.   The Fighting Amish 78-71-11 .522 28.5 9-0-1 2 40
5.   Bad Wolf 79-74-7 .516 29.5 7-3-0 5 -
6.   Phoenix Platypi 78-74-8 .513 30 4-6-0 8 25
7.   Lil Bitches 73-73-14 .500 32 2-7-1 9 13
8.   Blonde Streaks 74-77-9 .491 33.5 5-5-0 14 25
9.   Sofa King Juiced 69-81-10 .463 38 8-2-0 6 22
10.   Los Wailoracles 66-84-10 .444 41 0-9-1 12 5
11.   Ignatius J. Rallies 66-85-9 .441 41.5 6-4-0 11 15
12.   warlords 60-93-7 .397 48.5 3-7-0 1 9
13.   Lady Gaga Regatta 54-96-10 .369 53 2-7-1 4 9
14.   Whooping Zoidbergs 54-102-4 .350 56 2-8-0 13 29

Week 17 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. The Fighting Amish
Alabama Slammers vs. Lady Gaga Regatta
Blonde Streaks vs. Whooping Zoidbergs
Ignatius J. Rallies vs. Los Wailoracles
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Phoenix Platypi
Bad Wolf vs. Lil Bitches
Sofa King Juiced vs. warlords

SnakePit vs. Amish is the game of the Week, as two of the top four go head-to-head. Reigning champions Amish have recovered from a bad start, that saw them win one of their first five contests, and have taken the last four, with overall #3 player Jose Bautista their MVP. SnakePit have prevailed in five of their last six, and will look to Jose Reyes (#9) to lead their offense.