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SnakeSounds: 6/18 vs. Brewers

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Trying to pitch later in the game has been one of my goals, so just to be able to do that was an accomplishment in itself. I think today was the culmination of everything I can do as a pitcher. I really had everything working, mixing it in and out - Henry behind the plate was great - moving in and out, up and down, changing speeds and just keeping them off balance. That's the key to my game: if I can keep the hitter as uncomfortable in the box as possible, odds are I'm going to have some success.
-- Josh Collmenter

And success he certainly had, as the D-backs rolled to their third victory in a row behind Collmenter's eight shutout frames, while a two-run shot from Ryan Roberts provided the bulk of this evening's offense. Here are both men, after some thoughts of Kirk Gibson.

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