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SnakeSounds: 7/17 vs. Dodgers

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First home-run, get a complete game against the Dodgers, big rivals and everything like that. I don't know, it hasn't even settled in yet...
-- Daniel Hudson

Still 68 games to go, and Daniel Hudson already has a dozen RBI. Only two 'pure' pitchers since 2001 have matched that number: Micah Owings (15 in 2007) and Carlos Zambrano (14 in 2008). Oh, and he also pitched a complete-game, the only run scoring largely because Miguel Montero can't block traffic. [Ok, a slight exaggeration, but for the purposes of this paragraph, work with me, people] Here's Kirk Gibson, and the only player who really mattered in this afternoon's game. I'm trying to figure out the last time a pitcher threw a complete-game and had a homer plus three RBI in the same contest.

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