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Diamondbacks Thing of the Week: Aquarium Background

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Somewhat inspired by the discussion on collecting going on in the Fanposts, I figured it might be fun to select, on a weekly basis, a semi-random item from the 22,000+ you find on Ebay when you search for "Diamondbacks". Not all of those are necessarily related to the team, of course, but you'd be surprised what can bought with a Diamondbacks theme. A case in point would be this week's item:

Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field - Aquarium Background

From the description

A unique way to show off your team spirit - with this cool background!!! Only available here!! Please select the correct size tank from above. Designed by utilizing a high tech graphic manipulation program! Printed on premium water resistant, high gloss heavyweight photopaper with ultrachrome water resistant high gloss ink!!!!!

Please check my ebay store often, I have many other backgrounds and will be adding many more!! Give your tank a new look by easily changing the background!!! Do it every so often - It's easy, inexpensive and fun!!!

Now. I am not an aquarium guy: the only time I come into contact with fish, is when they are lightly-battered and served with tartare sauce. But it does strike me that, if I was to have an aquarium, a Chase Field backdrop would be about the least appropriate thing I could find to have in there. Firstly, it's a baseball field. Secondly, it's in about the driest state of the union. Now, if it was a shot of the swimming-pool, that might make sense. Heck, next time Tampa Bay comes to town, we should fill up the pool with rays. And I'm not talking about Ray Romano, Liotta and Lewis. Probably wouldn't work quite so well for the other Florida team though...

$11.00 plus $3.00 shipping. Maybe it'd look nice on the side of the shower at SnakePit Towers.