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'Pit Your Wits: Season One Awards Ceremony

Well, y'see, I had this whole "Part 2" to last week's All-Star 'PYW, but I was hoping to contact Jim in time to have a blurb in the GDT (no room for a post on Tuesday) and I never could. That is, of course, because I neglected to attempt to make contact. Oops. Anyway, I dropped by the ASG GDT and let everyone know that the most-rec'd comment would get a gold, as well as anyone who correctly predicted Prince Fielder as Tuesday night's MVP. Semi-anticlimactic of an ending to this little "season", yeah, but... whatever. After the break you'll see the winners of the season and the final leaderboard. We'll also get rolling on the new leaderboard, so woohoo to that. Let's go!

First, no one guessed that Fielder would be the MVP, while both Clefo and 4 Corners Fan will get three extra points for having top-rec'd comments. As for last week's little Home Run Derby game, imstillhungry95 and njjohn took first, correctly guessing three of the four second-rounders en route to a pair of 45-point performances. Baja F1 took silver (although it's debatable whether or not that should count as bronze, but why not be generous?) with a 43-point guess, with JustAJ rounding out the top four with a 41-pointer. If you participated, you can see what you got at the Google Docs link I'll link a little later on in the post.

So, onto the awards ceremony. There's no red carpet (or goodie bags, for that matter), though. You know, budget cuts and all. Anyway, coming in third this season, taking home a Bronze Wailord for Season One is none other than...


Woohoo! Take the amazing piece of artwork above, print it out, and hang it on the frige or put it in your wallet. You never know what it might be worth someday (pro-tip: nothing)! Moving along, though, to our tie for silver. One of the following was helped by having a top-rec'd comment in the ASG GDT, while the other's been performing solid all season long. Congratulations to our two Silver Wailord winners...

Woilj_medium Ii4m9_medium

Hurrah! This, of course, brings us to the final winner, the one that will take home the invaluable Golden Wailord and will also see his name on the banner until the end of the next season. The Golden Wailord goes home to the member that tallied eleven points this season, edging out both Clefo and TylerO by just a single point with his silver in the Derby game. It goes to...


Congratulations to you, Baja! As 'PYW is just for fun, there's no real tangible prize for winning this season, but as I said earlier, I'll edit your name into the banner when I get a shot (though, if you ask any of the regulars, my "when I get a shot"-s are... unpredictable). Hopefully everyone enjoys these, whether trying to take the top spot or just due to reading some of what the community comes up with when creative contests roll around. Here's the final leaderboard (Google Docs link here):


Now, we'll move onward to the first challenge of the new season, so anyone looking to break into the game, here's a chance. For this week, you'll get a point for every rec your submission gets. I think this'll help separate people on the leaderboard in the future. I may even stick with this format altogether, though it makes G/S/B obsolete (which isn't the biggest of deals). Anyway, moving on:

The Diamondbacks have outperformed the expectations of many in the first half, and there have been a few surprises and disappointments on the way to where we are now. In five words or fewer, describe the first half of the 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks season.

As I said, you'll get a point for every rec your comment gets. Multiple submissions are allowed, but the recs will only be taken from the submission with the most. Submissions will be cut off whenever I decide to write next week's post, which is probably around 1AM next Wednesday. Good luck!