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Holiday Inn's Ultimate Baseball Road Trip

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So, what would your ultimate baseball road trip be? I know everyone would probably love to do the "Tour All 30 Parks" thing, over the course of a summer, in a well-stocked camper. With a driver [hey, it's a dream, right? Might as well go for the long-ball!] But if you had to pick one park for one game, where would it be?

Might be worth thinking about, giving Holiday Inn are giving one lucky fan the chance to do just that during the All-Star Game today, with a competition in which the grand prize is two tickets to any MLB game, airfare, and hotel accommodation for the event. Entering is simple. You just have to tune in to the All-Star Game later today and send in your guess for which team will get the most hits, by texting "AL" or "NL" to 88222. I guess they draw the winner from those who get it right, and there's probably a bunch of other rules, normal data messaging rates apply, etc. Blah blah, take 'em as read.

After some thought, I'm thinking either Fenway for a Red Sox-Yankees game or Wrigley Field to see the Cubs take on the Diamondbacks. Those are certainly the two parks we most want to visit, simply because of the history behind them - they're the only two parks built before 1962 [Dodger Stadium is now the third-oldest in the majors!]. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure old = damn uncomfortable. I mean, do they even have cup-holders at Wrigley? Not sure I could cope with that level of barbarism. Among the new stadia, PNC Park might be nice [Mrs. SnakePit used to live in Pittsburgh] or Target Field in Minneapolis is another possibility.

This post is sponsored by Holiday Inn, the Official Road Trip Partner of Major League Baseball.