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Miguel Montero Named to 2011 All-Star Squad

The Arizona Diamondbacks are now sending two All-Stars to Chase Field. After today's loss to the Cardinals, the team was told that Miguel Montero has been selected to the NL All-Star roster and joins teammate Justin Upton as a reserve. The news was broken by our own Daniel Hudson on Twitter and confirmed by Brad Steinke of FSAZ and the Diamondbacks. He is replacing the Phillies' Placido Polanco. 

Montero told reporters that when he heard the news, "I felt like when I got called up, to be honest. I wanted to cry I was so excited." (-Nick Piecoro)

Miguel Montero has started the third-most games so far this season, behind John Buck of Florida and Yadier Molina of St. Louis. He's batting .272 with 10 home runs and 45 RBIs. He will be the third cacher on the team; Brian McCann of the Atlanta Braves was voted in by the fans to start.

Honestly, there have been so many changes I have no clue who is supposed to be going. I believe a replacement for Matt Cain still needs to be announced. My guess is it won't be Ian Kennedy as he probably would've been told at the same time as Montero, but we'll wait and see.