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Gameday Thread, #92: 7/10 vs. Cardinals


Zach Duke
LHP, 2-3, 5.40


Jaime Garcia
LHP, 8-3, 3.23

Having come within four outs of taking a commanding 3-0 lead in this series, only to see Kirk Gibson show entirely unwarranted faith in the back end of our bullpen, we turn to Duke to see if this can still be a three-of-four series on the road for the Diamondbacks, which would do very nicely. Interesting line-up today, for one big reason. Emphasis on the word "big". Clefo on the guest recap today, look forward to that.

We'll also be back later with an GDT for the Futures Game/Legend Softball contest, that kicks off the All-Star Game festivities at Chase this afternoon.

  1. Willie Bloomquist SS
  2. Kelly Johnson 2B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Chris Young CF
  5. Wily Mo Pena LF
  6. Ryan Roberts 3B
  7. Xavier Nady 1B
  8. Henry Blanco C
  9. Zach Duke LHP

Yep, in addition to no Miguel Montero or Stephen Drew, we will also have Wily Mo Pena patrolling left field, for the first time in the majors since 2008. Now, he is pretty mobile for a big guy, but I still confess to have some concerns about this. It's presumably to stack the line-up with right-handed bats, so we'll see how this works out...