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SnakeSounds: 6/8 vs. Pirates

It is what it is... McCutchen, it's not an ideal match-up to be sure. You're down to the bottom. You've only got so many guys left.
-- Kirk Gibson

Now, why were we down to the bottom? Because Gibson took out Player B and pinch-hit for him with Player A.
Player A: career line .280/.339/.357 = .696 OPS
Player B: career line .287/.317/.527 = .843 OPS

Oh, and B is actually your long reliever too, who hasn't worked in six days, so should easily be good for more than one inning. In case you hadn't guessed, Player A is Sean Burroughs, B is Micah Owings. Check the GDT: our rage at this move wasn't hindsight.

Three losses in a row for the Diamondbacks, though it's kinda unlikely to win a game when you allow 15 hits - you get about one of those a year, and we already had ours. This was a communal failure. The original line-up construction and bullpen usage seemed highly questionable, while the golden opportunity of men on the corners, with no-one out, on which we failed to capitalize will haunt the sleep of the offense. This is the first real adversity the team has faced in almost four weeks. Time for us to see what they're made of. Here's Gibson and the three key pitchers tonight: Zach Duke, J.J. Putz and Zach Kroenke.

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