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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 9

With the top four all conceding two or less, there is now clear daylight between them and the rest of the league, though we are barely one-third of the way through, so there is a lot of baseball still to go.

AZ SnakePit 7, warlords 2
Alabama Slammers 9, Sofa King Juiced 1
Blonde Streaks 5, Bad Wolf 5
Lady Gaga Regatta 1, Mizzoula Osprey 9
The Fighting Amish 6, Ignatius J. Rallies 4
Lil Bitches 1, Los Wailoracles 9
Phoenix Platypi 8, Whooping Zoidbergs 2

AZ SnakePit 7, warlords 2
Despite having a position player bench entirely full of the DL'd, Snake won comfortably. They got three HR and six RBI from Reynolds, while Moreland scored seven and his .417 BA helped the team hit .322. Crawford drove in eight for war. In pitching, Cahill (Snake) fanned ten.

Alabama Slammers 9, Sofa King Juiced 1
Slammers still hold the top spot, and showed why with a dominating victory. Billingsley and Halladay each had two Wins and 11 K's, and Valverde delivered three Saves, as they swept the pitching categories. Bedard got 14 K's for Sofa and Teixeira three HR, but SB was their only point.

Blonde Streaks 5, Bad Wolf 5
Streaks and Wolf held each other to a tie. Blonde had the edge in pitching, with the SF duo of Bumgarner (W + 11 K's) and Wilson (three Saves) their top performers. But the Wolf were equally as successful at the plate with Walker (two HR, eight RBI) and Hitter of the Week Pujols (five HR, 11 R).

Lady Gaga Regatta 1, Mizzoula Osprey 9
Mizzoula kept pace with the Slammers, W the only category between them and a shutout - Latos had two Wins and 10 strikeouts for Lady. Otherwise, Mizzoula dominated, particularly in hitting. Morse drove in nine, but their top man was Kemp, who had four homers to go with 13 RBI.

The Fighting Amish 6, Ignatius J. Rallies 4
The Amish swept pitching, but had to withstand a furious Rallies rally: in the end, the Amish needed to take RBI by a single score to hold on to victory. Rallies got three HR from Gonzalez, but the Amish had Pitcher of the Week Colon (two W, 10 K, 1.88 ERA) and 17 K's from Wilson.

Lil Bitches 1, Los Wailoracles 9
The bloom has come off Lil's auto-selected roster, who are 1-18 in the past two weeks. This week, Los crushed them, behind two W + 12 K's from Holland, and three Saves by Axford. Though Lil got two HR and seven RBI from Votto, SB was their only area of success.

Phoenix Platypi 8, Whooping Zoidbergs 2
On the other hand, the Platypi are surging, having gone 27-2 over the last three rounds, despite the loss of Johnson to the DL. Four HR from Johnson were part of their 13, with a W and 13 K's from Sanchez leading their arms. The Zoidbergs hit .309 and got two HR + six RBI from Upton.


Rank   Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1.   Alabama Slammers 63-23-4 .722 - 9-1-0 11 19
2.   Mizzoula Osprey 59-29-2 .667 5 9-1-0 8 16
3.   AZ SnakePit 56-28-6 .656 6 7-2-1 4 7
4.   Phoenix Platypi 53-33-4 .611 10 8-2-0 9 19
5.   Lil Bitches 45-39-6 .533 17 1-9-0 10 8
6.   Los Wailoracles 44-39-7 .528 17.5 9-1-0 13 5
  The Fighting Amish 45-40-5 .528 17.5 6-4-0 3 24
8.   Bad Wolf 42-46-2 .478 22 5-5-0 6 -
9.   Blonde Streaks 39-46-5 .461 23.5 5-5-0 1 16
10.   Ignatius J. Rallies 36-48-6 .433 26 4-6-0 12 12
11.   warlords 36-51-3 .417 27.5 2-7-1 2 3
12.   Sofa King Juiced 30-53-7 .372 31.5 1-9-0 7 17
13.   Whooping Zoidbergs 27-62-1 .306 37.5 2-8-0 14 9
14.   Lady Gaga Regatta 24-62-4 .289 39 1-9-0 5 9

Week 10 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Lil Bitches
Alabama Slammers vs. warlords
Blonde Streaks vs. Sofa King Juiced
Lady Gaga Regatta vs. Bad Wolf
The Fighting Amish vs. Mizzoula Osprey
Ignatius J. Rallies vs. Whooping Zoidbergs
Phoenix Platypi vs. Los Wailoracles

The Fighting Amish vs. Mizzoula Osprey is the ESPN game of the week, pitting last year's champions against one of the strongest contenders for their throne, in a game that showcases the three most productive fantasy players so far. The Amish are offensively powered, with Jose Bautista (#2) and Miguel Cabrera (#10) leading the way. The Osprey are perhaps even more so, with top fantasy player Matt Kemp and Ryan Braun (#3) their hitting stars. Looks like there'll be some fireworks in this one!