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SnakeSounds: 6/5 vs. Nationals

I don't necessarily think that there was intent - everyone's trying to win the game. But at some point, a pitcher's got to hit his spots. If you're trying to come in, then hit them. Getting hit three times in three days is pretty ridiculous.
-- Justin Upton

"We had a great game today. There were a lot of opportunities that were missed," said Gibson after the defeat, which dropped us back into second-place again. I can't say I really noticed too many of those: we had a couple of chances with runners in scoring position, but no more than usual. It was another good comeback, but in the end, it's the final result that counts, and splitting four games at home with the team in the cellar of their division is disappointing. After Gibson, here are Ian Kennedy, Joe Paterson, Upton and Chris Young.

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