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'Pit Your Wits: Week 13


Ah, numero trece! Hopefully thirteen doesn't bode too poorly for this week's PYW, as we venture back into the land of mystical captions and such. Maybe it can tide you guys over before we start our series with Oakland tomorrow (where we'll return to our winning ways, right?). Regardless, you'll find the photo past the jump as well as a revised leaderboard (now showing more of the top of the board). As I've stated in the past, the ASG will mark the end of this "season" of PYW, meaning the scores will reset to allow others to get to the top of the board. The final contest will be on July 7... and I'll probably find some way to make it All-Star themed. But, I digress...

No medals, as stat-based contests are best read off, I've determined. Justin Upton's On-base Plus Slugging for the last week was .823, made up of a .400 on-base percentage coupled with his .423 slugging percentage. The three closest guesses were actually remarkably close: Torpedosneak was off by just 21 points with a guess of .802; Baja F1 was a bit closer, just ten points off with his guess of .813; finally, Sprankton somehow guessed .821, just two points off of the actual number. Maybe those psychic powers could be used to tell us whether or not this rumored re-call-up of Sean Burroughs will prove to be a good decision. Just kidding, the answer's pretty clear. Moving on...

# Total Points
1 TylerO 2 1 0 8
- Torpedosneak 2 0 2 8
3 JustAJ 1 2 0 7
4 Five tied - - - 6
9 Two tied - - - 5
11 Four tied - - - 4
15 Seven tied - - - 3
22 Eight tied - - - 2
30 Nine tied - - - 1

It sorta goes to show how much diversity there's been in the winners' circle, as ten people have a chance at being in first place next week with a gold or less. If you'd like to see if you're one of those, again, feel free to check the Google Docs link here. Still trying to decide how to show who took first for the season... maybe I'll put them in the PYW banner, so they can appear on the frontpage for half of the season. Dunno. Anyway, here's this week's photo, fresh for captioning.


Caption the above picture from Tuesday's game against Cleveland.

No deadline, just make sure your submission's in on time. Top three most-rec'd will be considered the winners, etc, etc... now gogo.