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SnakePit T-shirts: FInal List of Orders!

Orders have now closed for the shirts, but I want to make sure that I am getting everyone's name and the right shirt sizes for them After the jump, you'll find sets of initials and shirt sizes. If you ordered a shirt and do NOT see your order there, or need to change anything, you have over the weekend to let me know, before I place the final, irrevocable order on Monday! Shirts will be here in time for SnakePitFest 4.2 on the 13th. 

Q1auwea_20front_medium Snakeback_medium

JMi - XL Crew Neck
PL - M
MF - M
SH - M
RF - L L
JMc - XL,, V Neck XL
DW - L
ML - M, L, L, XL, 2 x M Crew Neck
CG - M
AJo - M
PV  - Bella Ladies V-Neck L + XL
JBr - L XL

  • I repeat: you will not be able to order later. If we get orders for 30 shirts, that's what I'll be ordering. So don't think, "Oh, I'll get one in October." That will result in finger-pointing and mocking laughter.
  • If you're wondering about the back, this is the inspiration for the style. I skipped the pink...
  • Final design may vary fractionally in font, color, etc. as I work with the shirt company to print.
  • Ordering instructions. Click the button below corresponding to the size you want. The next screen will let you change the quantity if you want. Want more of a different size? Click 'Continue shopping' and repeat until you're done. XXL and XXXL are an extra dollar per shirt.
  • Shipping. If you want them sent to you, that's also an extra buck per shirt. So, before checking out, if you want the shirts shipped, click the SHIPPING button and add the appropriate quantity e.g. if you order two XL and one L, then you need to add three Shipping as well.
  • Checkout. When you check out, you'll be going through PayPal, but can pay with any major credit-card.
  • Deadline. Let's give you a complete pay cycle. Deadline will be July 18, though I may extend that if asked nicely. Shirts should then be here about August 7th, so if you're coming to SnakePitFest 4.2 later that month, you can pick 'em up there.
    By popular demand, we have added two ladies styles to the selection. These are shown below. Obviously, they will have the logos. :-) Prices are the same, but if you want these, you must specify the style in the comments section when checking out. If you do not, you get a regular shirt. If anyone has ordered already and wants to switch, let me know which style in the comments and I'll update their order. Note: The suppliers "recommend ordering at least one size up as Bella products run smaller than other brands."
    Ladies1_medium Ladies1_medium
    Bella Ladies V-Neck Bella Ladies Baby Rib Crew Neck
  • Any questions, feel free to ask.