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Gameday Thread, #58: 6/3 vs. Nationals


Yunesky Maya
RHP, 0-0, 7.71


Josh Collmenter
RHP, 3-1, 1.49

  1. Ryan Roberts 3B
  2. Kelly Johnson 2B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Stephen Drew SS
  5. Chris Young CF
  6. Miguel Montero C
  7. Xavier Nady 1B
  8. Gerardo Parra LF
  9. Josh Collmenter RHP

No Miranda again; he's ok to play, according to Gibson... Which begs the obvious question, "Why isn't he then?" Unless 'charmer is about, SnakeSounds for this game will be following in the morning, as I'm going straight to bed when I get home - we've to be up at 6am to get ceiling fans installed. Think cool thoughts... Think cool thoughts...