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SnakeSounds: 6/2 vs. Nationals

It was fastball command. I wasn't able to command the fastball when I wanted to. That caused me to get into hitters' counts, throw a lot more pitches, and obviously, more damage was done.
-- Zach Duke

S'funny how being half a game back looks an awful lot different when you're catching up than when you've just dropped out of first. Oh, well. Still a hundred games left, and I'm pretty sure the Giants won't score 12 runs a night: that's an entire week's production for them. This evening, we got BABIP'd (and Heilman'd) to death by the Nationals, while our offense gently sleeps. Not quite what we hoped for, but it's a long series. Recap will be late, as soco was at Chase, and is no doubt making his way back home, sadly. Here's Kirk Gibson, Duke and Justin Upton. Second-place it is then, at least for tonight.

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