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Gameday Thread, #82: 6/29 vs. Indians


Carlos Carrasco
RHP, 7-4, 3.62)


Zach Duke
LHP, 1-2, 5.73

Fortunate that I saw a billboard reminding me that today's game is an afternoon one. Otherwise, I'd probably have been swanning in around dinner-time, to post the thread, only to find a recap along with a torch-carrying mob. Thank heavens for large-scale advertising. After last night's heart-stopping win, I think we'd all settle for a nice, comfortable blowout victory this afternoon. But with Zach Duke on the mound, I suspect we'd better off wishing for a rainbow unicorn that poops chocolate buttons.

kishi, you can thank me later for providing the recap title, if that does happen...

  1. Kelly Johnson 2B
  2. Stephen Drew SS
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Chris Young CF
  5. Miguel Montero C
  6. Ryan Roberts 3B
  7. Juan Miranda 1B
  8. Gerardo Parra LF
  9. Zach Duke LHP

Duke hasn't been very good since coming off the DL, hasnt' won a game in more than a month, and we''ve now gone all the way around the Diamondbacks rotation without any of our starting pitchers getting a win. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence, but that's why they play the games....