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SnakeSounds: 6/28 vs. Indians

Everyone saw that first swing that I took, it was so hard, because I was looking for a breaking pitch. The second one... he just put it a little bit up and I came and got it. Just make contact, try to help the D-backs win the game. I never thought I was going to hit a home-run.
-- Wily Mo Pena

There was a streetfight between Randy Orton and Christian as part of the WWE show at US Airways Center tonight, but I don't think it was anything compared to the one next door at Chase Field. In that one, the Indians pulled a pair of brass-knuckles from their sock to dispatch J.J. Putz, but Pena then put the visitors through the Spanish announcers' table with his patented finishing move, the Home Run.

Nah, I could try and describe the entire game in wrestling terms, and it couldn't compete with Azreous's recap. Same again tomorrow night, Az? Wait! Where are you going? Oh, well. A lot of audio from this one. We have the usual Kirk Gibson, starter Daniel Hudson, home-run hero Wily Mo Pena, stolen-base demon Ryan Roberts and pre-game clips from our two new bullpen guys, Alberto Castillo and Yhency Brazoban, the latter translated into English by Juan Gutierrez. I'd like to point out that Castillo has appeared for two teams in the majors. For both, he got the W in his debut, while facing and retiring just a single batter. Kinda cool.

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