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GamedayThread, #79: 6/27 vs. Tigers


Joe Saunders
LHP, 4-7, 4.35


Brad Penny
RHP, 5-6, 4.80

Disappointing though yesterday was, it always felt for me - contrary to wailord's optimism in the recap - like that contest was going to be one of those 60 games a year that you're gonna lose. Important to remember that the team has already clinched a winning road-trip, which is something for which most of us would happily have settled before we headed for Kansas City. And if we can win today, that would mean we've gone 5-1, which would qualify, literally, as full of win.

No line-up at this point. East coast getaway day means I'm actually writing this not longer after your Arizona Wind Turbines whiffed their way to the team's second offensive shutout of the season. If I make this one at all, I will probably be rolling in around first pitch, in my dressing-gown with a cup of freshly-roasted Java. Actually, it's more likely to be in my boxers chewing on a slightly-burned PopTart, but I'll spare you those details.

Edit: Your early morning lineup! Well, sort of early.

Willie Bloomquist 2B
Stephen Drew SS
Justin Upton RF
Chris Young CF
Miguel Montero C
Wily Mo Pena DH
Xavier Nady 1B
Gerardo Parra LF
Ryan Roberts 3B
(Joe Saunders LHP)

Saunders has been good his past couple of outings: if he can reproduce that kind of form again, e.g. seven innings, three earned runs, he should get his ERA down to a season low. With a 3.26 ERA over his past seven starts, he has been doing what we asked of him, and certainly much better than the near-six figure posted in April. Former D-back Brad Penny is now in his 12th big-league season, but it has been a fairly forgettable one. Hopefully, we can add another amnesiac moment to his scrapbook tomorrow and bounce back into first. Mind you, since we're relying on help from Cleveland in that area, I am not overly optimistic...