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'Pit Your Wits: Week 12


Hola, everyone. I'm writing this at 5:00AM, not because I'm a diligent, hard-working person with a strong work ethic, but because it's summer break and I haven't fallen asleep yet. I just thought I'd throw that out there to act as a safety net, as I mess a lot of things up when I type after, like, 10:00PM. Anyway, this is 'Pit Your Wits, so I should get on with it already: hit the jump to see the results of last week's newspaper headline challenge, the leaderboard, etc, etc. Ready, set, go.

As a result of my not-so-well-thought-out prompt for last week, there weren't too many recs to pass around. Everyone that had a rec received a point (recorded as a bronze), while Torpedosneak managed to run away with the sole gold, commenting with the following gem:

"Dbacks move to Winnipeg"

"Canadian city feels duped, the team will be forced to use MTS Arena for baseball games"


Bravo, Torpedo. Bravo. Here's an abbreviated version of the updated leaderboard (full version on Google Docs here):

# Total Points
1 TylerO 2 1 8
2 Two tied - - - 7
4 Four tied - - - 6
8 Two tied - - - 5
10 Four tied - - - 4
14 Seven tied - - - 3
21 Eight tied - - - 2
29 Ten tied - - - 1


Mmm, those ties. Oh, well, it appears that TylerO's been rewarded for his ability to take sole possession of first. Torpedo's propulsion to second place effected that, by the way, so now you know who to thank, Tyler. Anyway, I suppose it's time to move onward to the challenge for this week. I'm gonna hop back onto the stat train, because a) more people participate, and b) I spent the last few days trying to come up with something cool, and failed. Woohoo.

 Justin Upton's pretty awesome, but most of you knew that (just to confirm, this isn't AZCentral, right?). He's also been hitting like an absolute monster as of late. The question right now isn't really "can he keep it up" (spoiler alert: no), but "just how well will he hit from here on out?". Y'see, that's where you come in. What will Justin Upton's OPS be over the next week?

Answers due by midnight tonight. Blah, blah, yes, you can watch tonight's game before answering. I mean, I guess. If you have any totally awesome ideas for some cool contests/challenges, you're free to post them here, too. I'll probably use it.