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SnakeSounds: 6/21 vs. Royals

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Not nervous. Just the first pitch. I was just two inches too soon to swing and I popped-up to first base. So after that, I was "Esé, now you're back." It paid off, the way we won. So trying to help the team, the team wins, so everyone's really happy.
-- Wily Mo Pena

Well, that went a lot better than I expected from the first pitch Joe Saunders delivered this evening. Add that to the eight-run inning inflicted on the Giants by the Twins, and there seems a very good chance we will be back in first place by the end of the night. Solid outing from Saunders, and the offense again seemed to improve as the game went on. While we await 'Skins recap, here's two from Kirk Gibson (I've added the pre-game chat in which he discusses Tiegate!), Saunders, Pena and Justin Upton, as we prove decisively the superiority of the Senior Circuit.

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